2. Honolulu
Credit: Brandon Tabiolo / Getty Images

A thriving tourism market is one of the reasons traffic plagues Oahu's capital city. The island's steady population increases have caused housing shortages and driven up the prices of homes near the city. That means one thing: more commuters driving downtown from the suburbs. The average Honolulu driver spent 60 hours in traffic last year, up 10 hours from 2012. That's a whopping 30 percent increase in time on the road. 

Worst Corridor: Along the H-1 Freeway from Aolele Street to Moanalua Road. 

Worst Hour: Thursdays at 5 p.m.

Travel Tip: Traffic is worst between the area near the airport and downtown Honolulu. There aren't many large alternative roads, other than perhaps Route 92, so try to keep your daily travel outside of rush hour, if possible.