6. Bridgeport
Credit: Joseph C. Justice Jr. / Getty Images

Bridgeport, a city located in the southwestern corner of Connecticut, has a few stretches of highway heading southbound (which is actually west, toward New York City) that can set you back hours if you don't time them correctly. The city is a major throughway for commuters that live in Connecticut and work in New York, making I-95 a parking lot during rush hour. Bridgeport drivers spent about 42 hours in traffic on average in 2013, up three hours from 2012. 

Worst Corridor: I-95 between exits 3 and 21, a stretch of more than 22 miles.

Worst Hour: Fridays at 5 p.m. 

Travel Tip: Metro North Railroad and Amtrak both offer train routes along the Connecticut shoreline. Or, take the whipping Merritt Parkway, if you dare.