9. Boston
Credit: Eleonora Grasso / Getty Images

Boston is highly aware of its traffic issues. After all, the Big Dig was proposed in the early 1980s to help solve just that. The project was abandoned in 2007, though, and things have just gotten worse. Bostonian drivers spent about 38 hours in traffic on average last year, up seven hours from 2012. With only a few major roads going into the city from the surrounding suburbs (which are huge), public transit is recommended. 

Worst Corridor: I-93 between exits 6 and 15 (essentially, south of the city between Old and Inner Harbor).

Worst Hour: Wednesdays at 8 a.m.

Travel Tip: Take the T. As of 2012, there are no longer those strange, Medieval tokens, and the system is easy to navigate. If you must drive and are coming into the city from the south, try Route 28.