San Francisco: Four Barrel Coffee
Credit: Courtesy Four Barrel Coffee

Obsession can lead to success – at least this is the case with Four Barrel Coffee. Located in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission district, the shop is owned and operated by Portland-native Jeremy Tooker, who believes coffee is as precious as wine, referring to the terroir of beans and how they can allow one to taste coffee better. There’s also an aging process, but no French oak barrels are required. It may sound pretentious, but Tooker is just an unapologetic purist. He only sells espresso, but in its simplest form with the only option of whole milk for the latte or cappuccino sipping crowd. There is no tea, nor is there Wi-Fi for techies to set up shop and caffeinate. But the long line wrapped around the shop everyday shows that his roasts are more than sufficient.