Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato [1960-63]
Credit: Brian Snelson / Wikipedia

Number made: 19
What one will cost you: $1.3-$2.5 million
Horsepower: 314
Engine: 3.7 liter, twin-cam inline 6
Top speed: 153 mph
0-60 mph: 6.1 seconds

History: Zagato took Aston's DB4GT and went to town. The result is a million-dollar collectible prized for its rarity and for the way it fused the English and Italian philosophies of style.

Design: Take the highest-performance British road car of its era, graft on Italian bodywork from glue-sniffing coachbuilders Zagato, and you have either an immobilized piece of lawn sculpture or one of the most collectible cars of all time. Luckily for Aston, the Zagato-bodied DB4GT turned out to be the latter. If it weren't one of the sixties' great performance cars it might have been just another forgotten oddity.