BMW M Coupe [1999-2002]
Credit: Courtesy BMW

Number made: 3,800 (est.)
What one will cost you: $25,000 (coupe), $37,500 (convertible)
Horsepower: 240
Engine: 3.2 liter, twin-cam inline 6
Top speed: 137 mph
0-60 mph: 5.1 seconds

History: The M coupe truly is something out of Mary Shelley. BMW took the Z3, grafted on an unconvincing little roof, and – voilà – the safely retro Z3 was transformed into something lascivious. Owing to its extremely limited appeal, BMW sold fewer than 1,000 of the $46,000 coupes per year, and pulled the plug after 2002. If you don't mind being seen with an utterly competent hellhound, you can probably still find one sitting unloved on your local Bimmer dealer's lot.

Design: You know that girl at work who's not exactly the best-looking, but something about her makes you want to commit mutual indiscretions atop the copy machine? Well, that pretty much sums up the BMW M coupe. The apparent bastard spawn of BMW's Z3 roadster and a plastic lunchbox, the M coupe somehow came out looking dangerously appealing. As the French – those leading producers of ugly-yet-sexy women – would say, it was very jolie laide.