Blast from the past
Credit: George Motz

Hickory Burger, The Apple Pan

(Los Angeles)

"Time stops in this classic place," says Motz, and he notes that there's a real community around the restaurant helping to preserve its heritage. "The film director Todd Field once noticed that the restaurant's 1960s-style cup holders were gone, so he had his staff scour eBay. The next time I returned, they had been replaced!" Beyond the nostalgic appeal of the restaurant, though, is an equally timeless Hickory Burger, one that's been served here since 1945. It features a smoky hickory sauce, Tillamook cheddar, pickles, lettuce, and mayo, plus a thick chunk of cold iceberg lettuce that adds crunch and freshness. "And every time my butt hits that chair, they ask me if I want a piece of banana cream pie, even before I can eat my burger."

The Apple Pan
68-885 Ramon Road, Los Angeles