Mystery Seasoning, Insults on the Side
Credit: George Motz

George's "World Famous Burgers and Insults" Bar & Grill

(Cathedral City, California)

A sign that says, "Screw the customers," hangs on the wall of Ed Marinko's burger haven in the Coachella Valley desert, near Palm Springs, where you're as likely to see a retiree in a golf shirt as you are some hard-core bikers. Motz says he comes here for the hand-pattied, ground chuck burgers. They're doubles, about four ounces per patty, cooked on a flattop, and served with American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, raw onion, and some "crazy, secret, explosive" seasoning that he likens to garlic salt but can't quite place. And he likely never will: "[George]'ll throw you out of the place if you give him shit about it," Motz says.

George's "World Famous Burgers and Insults" Bar & Grill
68-885 Ramon Road, Cathedral City, CA