Carolina BBQ-Style
Credit: George Motz

Slaw Burger, Duke's Grill

(Monroe, North Carolina)

Describing the hallmark offering at this old-timey, cabin-type restaurant, which opened near Charlotte in 1951, Motz is succinct: "This one is a total disaster." But he means it in the best possible way. To get his preferred BBQ Burger treatment, you'll have to order it 'all the way.' "It's a beefy patty cooked on the flattop, but they put a spoonful of coleslaw and a spoonful of barbecue sauce on top of it, and it just gets all over the place," Motz says. "It's so hard to keep together, but that's why it's great."

$2.95 for a cheeseburger (You can add patties.)
Duke's Grill
1114 Concord Avenue, Monroe, NC