Country food truck standout
Credit: George Motz

Bacon Cheeseburger, Mildred's Dairy Bar

(Weston, Vermont)

"It's hard to create a great burger on a truck, as there are a lot of elements working against you," Motz says. But this place makes what he calls a "bacon cheeseburger that simply kicks ass." The truck is stationed right in front of the Vermont Country Store, a big tourist draw itself, and the burger is an eight-ouncer, cooked on a flattop, and made with fresh local ground beef, white Vermont cheddar, and a toasted-but-soft eggy roll. "They also make really great shakes," says Motz. "But it's a seasonal [and mobile] thing, so you should call to make sure they're there."

Mildred's Dairy Bar
657 Main Street, Weston VT