Most hype-worthy newcomer
Credit: George Motz

Ramen Burger, Smorgasburg

(Brooklyn, New York)

"I was skeptical before my first bite of this one," Motz says, explaining that he's always wary of hyped-up culinary trends. "Yet without a doubt this was instantly a great burger experience." This particular Asian-inspired burger variant was the brainchild of Keizo Shimimoto, a former Tokyo ramen cook. In Japan, pork belly is placed between buns made of congealed and crispy ramen, but for this American version, Shimimoto, of course, uses beef. "It's a perfect, flavorful crossover, with reduced shoyu, green onions, and arugula," says Motz. It's currently served at the Smorgasburg market on Saturdays, but thanks to his success there, Shimimoto is in the process of building a brick-and-mortar restaurant.

North 7th Street, Brooklyn, NY