Road trip-worthy
Credit: George Motz

Bill's Hamburgers

(Amory, Mississippi)

"No one knows about this place," Motz says about Bill's, a rural joint a few hours southeast of Memphis founded in 1929 and now owned by pastor Reid Wilkerson. For burger devotees, though, Motz recommends a pilgrimage because Bill's offers up a peerless version of tthe Southern "slug burger." As he explains: During the Depression and then WWII, cooks would turn to fillers and "extenders" to make scarce beef last longer. Today, the practice is frowned upon by many purists, and there's no longer a beef shortage, yet Bill's is one of the old-time places that still keeps the extender tradition going, to marvelous results (and, yes, his extender recipe remains a secret). Motz says the appeal derives from the slug burgers' texture: They are soft and greasy in the best way. "Grease is one of the greatest condiments," he says. "And simplicity is key here: pickles, mustard, white squishy bun – that's it. No cheese or mayo because the mustard-onion-beef combo is hard to beat."

$1.95 ($2.15 with cheese)
Bill's Hamburgers
310 Main Street North, Amory, MS 28821