The amazing oddball
Credit: George Motz

Nutburger, Matt's Place

(Butte, Montana)

At Montana's first drive-in, established in 1930, the walls feature grand murals of the surrounding mountains, and there's an enticing curved counter. On the menu is a burger with an unusual sauce, which bears an even more unusual name. That is nut sauce, and Motz says it's fantastic. When making burgers at Matt's, the cooks use an ice-cream scooper to plop a dollop of fresh ground beef onto the griddle, which is flattened to create a thin patty that will eventually rest inside a white, squishy bun. That is where the similarities to other burgers ends. "Then they take Miracle Whip and mix crushed, salted peanuts into it," Motz says. "You end up with a sweet mayo flavor, and the briny, crunchy texture and flavor of nuts. You'd think it wouldn't work, but it's really amazing." Matt's is open seasonally, so call before trekking out to Butte.

Matt's Place
2339 Placer Street, Butte, MT