Eastern European variation
Credit: George Motz

The Fried Burger, Korzo

(Brooklyn, New York)

New York has no end of high-profile burgers, but Motz is especially taken by the entrant from this South Slope, Brooklyn, restaurant. Wrapped and then deep-fried in lavosh, or Hungarian lángos dough, Korzo's fried burger is made with about seven ounces of flame-grilled, grass-fed beef. Health benefits aside, Motz says the combo of this particular type of beef with the odd cooking technique is tricky. Yet Korzo does it, resulting in a remarkable taste and texture. Added flavor comes from the addition of toppings which aren't so much on top as inside the burger: House-made mustard and pickles and mild Edam cheese can be slipped in between the dough and the meat before the burger is fried (Motz says he still prefers his plain, though). "Some people call it a doughnut burger, but it's not as dense as you'd expect. It's just this incredible, glistening blob of goodness."

667 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215