The no-sauce exception
Credit: George Motz

Plaza Burger, Plaza Tavern

(Madison, Wisconsin)

As a rule, Motz isn't big on adding sauce to an otherwise juicy, flavorful burger – "They're usually pretty lame, tomatoey, and sugary," but this meaty burger, served on a wheat bun with cheese with a delectable secret sauce, is the rare exception. It's a white, sour cream-mayo concoction, with a hint of garlic and celery salt, that tastes almost like pungent Greek tzatziki. Tavern owner Dean Hetue says he bought the recipe from the Plaza's original owners, who'd opened the place in the 1960s (officially, the sauce was created in 1964)."This sauce actually accentuates the burger flavor instead of masking it," says Motz. "I'm sure Dean will laugh at me for even trying to describe it."

Plaza Tavern
319 N Henry Street, Madison, WI