Totally Texas drive-in burger
Credit: George Motz

The #5, Keller's Drive-in


"The burger here is perfectly straightforward," says Motz. That means patties that are thin and stacked: a double-meat, double-cheese affair with tomato, shredded lettuce, and a special Thousand Island-style sauce on a poppy-seed bun. "It's delicious, and a bonus is that they serve tater tots. They hook the platter right onto your driver-side window." Besides the burger, though, Motz says one of the highlights of Keller's is that you can grab a drink to go along with your burger. That may not sound unique until you consider Keller's is a drive-in, and you can order beer delivered right to the car. (There's also a part of the lot unofficially reserved for bikers, dubbed the zoo side.) A burger, tater tots, and a cold one, all strapped to your car window – we don't know of a better definition of Americana.

Keller's Drive-In
6527 E. Northwest Highway, Dallas 75231