Resort at Paws Up, Greenough Montana

There are few regions on earth that can rival Montana's magnificence. What Paws Up offers is access to the spectacular outdoors. A working cattle ranch on a 37,000 acre plot that is bisected by the the Blackfoot river, the camp is part wilderness retreat and part high-end safari camp. Guests choose from a range of 30 tricked out tents spread among a handful of small campsites, each equipped with electricity, en suite bathrooms, wood flooring, climate control, full-service housekeeping, and a butler. Three gourmet meals are prepared each day by a chef and, yes, there is Wi-Fi.

Still, the main draw isn't the amenities. Paws Up provides every opportunity to engage and explore the resort's grounds or nearby 1.5 million-acre Bob Marshall Wilderness, be it via foot, ATV, bike, horseback, kayak, raft, or rappel line. And then there's the fishing: The Blackfoot was made famous as the star of A River Runs Through It and is ground zero of big trout fly-fishing. Cast a line and take a deep breath. [From $548/night;]