The No-Weights Workout: Bodyweight Glossary
Credit: Photograph by John Loomis

Single-Limb Exercises
Standing, pushing, or pulling with one limb builds balance and stabilizer muscles. Try one-handed push-ups or one-leg squats.

Slow Reps
Slowing your movements forces tiny muscle adaptations. Do a push-up by lowering for five to 10 seconds, then raising for five to 10.

Contracting muscles as you move, as in a jumping jack, builds integrative strength between muscles and joints.

Explosive exercises, like jump squats or mountain climbers, build fast-twitch muscle for speed and power.

Developed for Olympic speed skaters, Tabatas are short bursts of intense effort, followed by brief rest. Try doing 20 seconds of an exercise like a squat, and then rest for 10. Repeat for four minutes.

Holding muscles static, as in a plank, hones balance and builds core strength.