Bay Rum Oil

Bay Rum Oil holds a special place in the pantheon of traditional men's scents. Originating in the West Indies, Bay Rum Oil, which was originally made by soaking bay leaves in rum, became a favorite of early 16th century sailors looking to cover up the stench that comes from months at sea. Later it became a go-to for 19th century cowboys to do the same for the trail. In the modern era, it became a staple ingredient in aftershaves, since Bay Rum Oil was found to be effective in fighting acne and soothing irritated skin. 

The clean, sweet, spicy scent is back in a new, all-natural, dual face and shave soap from an Ohio-based Cliff Original. This might smell like your great-great-grandfather's Bay Rum, but it is not made like it: The soap starts in a base of organic coconut, olive, palm, and food grade soybean oil that together create a moisturizing lather for shaving. Colloidal oatmeal and clay are added as natural cleansing agents known for not drying out the skin, and essential oil of bay rum keeps the skin free of bumps and burns.

More Information: Face Wash Brick Bay Rum is $10 for 4 oz at Clifford Original.