Yüli Mr. Incredible Shave Oil

Cold-pressed juice has become the new gold standard in quality among those who enjoy drinking their nutrition, but the process of cold-pressing, whereby no heat is used to extract juice from fruits, could also help improve your shaving or beard-owning experience. It's something being championed by a new all-natural, luxury skin-care line called Yüli, which includes a multiuse shave oil-serum hybrid called Mr. Incredible.

Yüli is unisex, but don't let that scare you off. The line's first strictly men's product, Mr. Incredible, is an elixir crafted using the same methods as cold-pressing juice or oil. The same principles apply to both; chopping ingredients adds heat, which subsequently decreases the nutritional value. By cold-pressing, Yüli has created a shave oil made with the most intact form of the active molecules possible.

No one can say with scientific accuracy that this method of extraction is any better than traditional blending, especially in skin care, though cold-pressing has, indeed, been found to boost the nutritional and active content of juices. What we can say is that the mixture bottled up inside Mr. Incredible has plenty to make both men and women smile.

As a beard oil, it goes on dry, thanks to the fast absorbing blend of jojoba and grape seed oil, and it will moisturize your steel-wool beard and the skin beneath it without being too heavy. The same ingredients make it just light enough to work as a pre-shave oil that passes through cartridge blades with ease, as a before-bed moisturizing treatment for your whole face, and as a leave-in conditioning agent for your hair. The scent can stand in for any cologne and is musky but with an office-friendly mix of sandalwood, chompaka (yellow orchid), and black calla lily.

All of the ingredients are either cultivated on the company's farm in upstate New York, wild-crafted from the surrounding areas, or obtained the feel-good way: though Fair Trade farms. Finally, the product is essentially made-to-order, mixed, and poured on Yüli's farm just as it gets your order. In other words, this is one of the most luxurious, all-natural, and possibly most nutritional items a man can buy for his face. [$29 for 1 ounce; yuliskincare.com]