'Sacred Hoops: Spiritual Lessons of a Hardwood Warrior'

The only book on Davis's list authored by a non-writer is by the greatest basketball coach in history. Phil Jackson had only won the first three of his record 11 NBA titles when he wrote 'Sacred Hoops,' a book that is part biography and part coaching bible.

"Phil Jackson came from a . . . unique environment," Davis says. "He grew up in North Dakota and Montana, and was around Native American culture, and both of his parents were Presbyterian ministers, so it's just a unique starting point for somebody who became, you know, the most decorated coach in basketball history."

Famous for his unorthodox coaching methods, Jackson explains how he adapts the precepts of Zen Buddhism, the ways of the Lakota Sioux, and other alternative styles to the task of coaching the Chicago Bulls. They range from group meditation sessions, to hanging Lakota warrior items on the locker room shelf, to splicing segments of the movie 'Wizard of Oz' into game films to make a point.

Davis suggests that 'Sacred Hoops' is like the beginner's class into the Tao of Phil Jackson and that his most recent book, 'Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success,' which examines his entire career from a Knicks forward to the best coach in history, is the graduate course.

"He's got 11 titles as a coach and also two as a player – I said to him, shouldn't it be 13 rings?"