Bully Boy Distillers White Rum
Credit: Photograph by Michael Pirrocco

Growing up on a New England family farm that once housed a secret distillery during prohibition might give you some ideas. It certainly gave Will and Dave Willis ideas – and that's why the two lanky, thirtysomething brothers started Bully Boy Distillers, Boston's first craft distillery. "The rum is incredibly well textured and well suited for cocktails. It has a whiff of sugar cane and fresh cut grass – exactly what you look for in a good rum," explains Cannon. "We use it to make a daiquiri with a little Peychaud's Bitters, because – let's face it – real men like pink daiquiri time-outs." If you're not the daiquiri type, Cannon also enjoys Bully Boy on the rocks with a citrus peel. [$29.99/750ml; bullyboydistillers.com]