Stag: Austin

Where: Austin's SoCo District
Style: Upscale Rugged
Brands: Red Wing; Jack Spade; Garrett Leight; Baldwin Denim
Invest In: Austin-inspired vintage

With three locations in Texas, Stag spreads the alternative Austin look across the state. To keep things not only weird, but fun, they play old-school music on the PA system, along with local contemporary acts such as the city's own Black Angels — and always have beer on hand. "These guys don't take fashion too seriously but they know how to put you in trend-savvy threads that will make you feel comfortable and sharp, or as they call it 'like a modern gentleman,'" Dolan says. Stag carries excellent modern and classic pieces, new and vintage, and they always keep one of a kind bags and belts on hand to round out the finer details of your wardrobe.