New York City: Carson Street Clothiers

Carson Street Clothiers in SoHo is a standout in a city thick with smartly curated stores. CSC focuses on comfortable clothing for men who want to dress up on their own terms and offers a great selection of cashmere blazers from its own label, Eidos, Orlebar Brown, and Ami.

The store – somewhat confusingly located on Crosby Street – is a comfortable space with plenty of room to consider a smart selection of shoes (Armando Cabral, Loake), bags (Mismo, Want Les Essentials de la Vie), and glasses (Linda Farrow, Saint Rita). There are leather couches where you'd actually want to sit down, presumably while plotting how to get noticed by street-fashion photographers. This is not, after all, a store for the shy or retiring.

CSC skews slightly younger than its crosstown rival, Freemans Sporting Club, where men can get a shave at the attached barbershop next door or a drink at the company's excellent restaurant down the alley. FSC is best known for its comfortable, modern suits and for stocking deadstock ties next to Allen Edmond's collaborations and distressed chambray shirts. (Full disclosure: I've worked with the brand.)