Portland, Oregon: Danner at Union Way

Danner has been synonymous with the outdoor life in the Pacific Northwest since it was founded in 1932. But the legendary boot and clothing maker only had a straightforward factory store until last August when the owners decided to raise the bar by creating an expansive space on the style-conscious Union Way mall to showcase both the boots that made the company famous and progressive design. 

"The design concept behind Danner at Union Way was to bring the outdoors in and create a space that reflects the majestic landscape of the Pacific Northwest," says Danner Retail Director Brad Walhood. "With a 10-foot living wall, a dressing room shaped like a teardrop trailer and a mural of Mt. Hood, we pay homage to Danner's longstanding roots in Oregon."

With a smart selection of clothing and accessories from Fairends, Topo Designs, and Taylor Stitch, the store also pays tribute to the sort of guys who want to get out into the world and look good doing it.