Majestic Dude Ranch

Majestic Dude Ranch is everything you wanted Boy Scouts to be. The massive, all-inclusive property in Mancos, Colorado, abuts over a million acres of national forest and offers western staples like mountain biking, horseback riding, and steak eating – but that's just for starters. On-site instructors are available to teach visitors how to fly, shoot a bow and arrow, and win at paintball (the ranch has its own course). As if that wasn't enough, there is also a batting cage, a softball field, and the Animas River, which is well known in the area for being thick with trout. Though the ranch offers a less traditional experience, it's far from a landlocked cruise and perfect for men who would rather spend their vacation running around than reading Louis L'Amour by the campfire. [Rate start at $375 per day for adults]