Friends of Vintage Baseball (Hartford, Connecticut)
Credit: Alamy

Other parts of the country might be willing to pass the proverbial baton to football, but at the fringes of Red Sox Nation, baseball is not only the national pastime, but also a pastime unchanged by time's passage. Hartford's Friends of Vintage Baseball (FoVB) league plays the game according to 1860s rules while wearing 1860s attire.

At FoVB games, there are no pitcher's mounds, the umpire must be addressed only as "sir," and there are different ways for a batter to fly or ground out, depending on which edition of the rulebook competitors decide to use. The games can be slow, but are an absolutely ideal way to learn a bit about baseball history while not paying Fenway Park beer prices.

More information: Games are played at the Hartford Base Ball Grounds at Colt Meadows in Hartford, and take place on weekly basis. The 'season' ends August 17th.