Best for Commuters

New Yorkers know Peapod well, but this established online grocer also serves New England, New Jersey, Chicagoland, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and surrounding areas. Along with the standard online ordering and delivery, Peapod caters to commuters with its virtual "stores" located on train platforms in major cities.

Download the PeapodMobile app and use your smartphone to scan barcodes of products displayed in virtual "aisles" and place your order. Delivery charges range from $7 to $10, and orders must total $60. Otherwise, you can skirt the delivery fees and minimum orders altogether by grabbing your groceries from one of many Peapod pickup sites, which include Giant and Stop & Shop locations. You pull up to the door, and an employee will load your groceries in your car. Some locations even offer same-day pickup. []