Best for Organic Food

Door to Door Organics makes it super convenient to eat organic, fresh, and local. The company works with an extensive network of organic farmers and independent artisans to offer fresh-picked produce and unique natural foods, many of which are local to the areas the company services – Colorado, Michigan, Kansas City, Chicago, and the Northeast. It works kind of like a CSA (community shared agriculture) in that once a week, on whichever day you select, you'll receive a box brimming with fresh organic and local produce.

You can customize your order, choose your box size, and get orders every other week if you prefer to make sure you're getting the right mix and quantity food for your household. Beyond produce, Door to Door offers a wide selection of organic and natural grocery items that you can add to your weekly drop. One big perk: Delivery is free, except to a few cities, where it's just a $1 charge. []