Ommegang's Hennepin

Situated on the picturesque grounds of a former hop farm in Cooperstown, New York, Brewery Ommegang certainly fits the profile of a traditional Belgian farmhouse brewery. Their connection to Belgian brewing tradition runs deeper than their appearances though. Ommegang was founded by Don Feinberg and Wendy Littlefield, the owners of beer import company Vanberg & DeWulf who introduced the Dupont beers to the American market. They've since sold their share of Ommegang to Duvel Moortegaat, but the breweries commitment to making world-class belgian inspired beers is unchanged.

Hennepin is Ommegang's flagship saison and it's a standout of their lineup. They incorporate ginger, orange peel, and a spice called grains of paradise. The spicing integrates well with the base beer and the resulting beer is a more full-bodied take on the style with aggressive fruitiness and spice character. At 7.7 percent it's more alcoholic and slightly sweeter than many others on our list but it still boasts a long dry finish.

Ommegang named the beer after Father Louis Hennepin, the Catholic priest widely credited with discovering Niagra Falls. The label fancifully imagines the moment with a silhouette of the priest standing in the prow of a canoe. He is pictured holding a chalice of beer up to the light as his canoe approaches the lip of the falls.