Tabac Original Shaving Soap

This one is definitely not for the subtle or faint of heart. Made by Maurer & Wirtz, a German perfume house that dates back even further than Penhaligon's and Trumper, Tabac cologne has been a popular men's fragrance in Germany for decades, and the company's related puck of shaving soap is the darling of hard-core wet shavers  – admittedly, a niche group. Furthering its appeal, Tabac comes wrapped in packaging that looks as though it should come with a condom and a copy of 'Penthouse' from the 1970s. The scent is strong, spicy, woody, and floral, sort of what you'd expect from having your face hugged deeply into grandpa's chest hair. The lather is impossibly rich and thick, which makes for a clean and irritation-free shave. [$20 for 125g;]