While not a traditional streaming service, the two-year-old Aereo is already a quality option for TV buffs turned off by overstuffed cable packages and the limitations of Netflix (because 12 seasons of Murder, She Wrote aren't enough). The browser-based application combines antenna and DVR functions, enabling users to watch live TV, schedule recordings of recent shows, and avoid living room clutter. Like a typical receiver, Aereo only picks up major networks and syndicates, limiting programming options while cutting back equally on endless channel surfing. The live feed streams on computers, mobile devices, and TV-connected boxes like Apple TV and Roku, while the cloud storage system allows for 20 GB of recorded material. As Aereo continues to roll out across the country (a full list of zip codes is available on their website), the service fills a niche for audiences who want to watch what's on right now without the shady business tactics of the local cable company.

Unique Selections: The current stock of network comedies and dramas.

[$8/month + tax]