An off-shoot of the Sundance Channel, SundanceNow plucks highlights from the Sundance Film Festival along with the latest from famed directors to collate a premiere selection of contemporary independent cinema. It's a destination for theatrical/VOD day-and-date releases, keeping those without a local indie theater in the loop (and for cheaper than a theater ticket or an iTunes rental). For non-fiction fans, SundanceNow also offers the subscription based "Doc Club," a monthly package of four documentaries curated around a theme. And though the SundanceNow blog recently shut its doors, the archives remain a treasure trove of companion material. SundanceNow is more of an education than a mere entertainment platform.

Unique Selections: David Holzman's Diary, Metallica: Through the Never, Blue Is the Warmest Color, How to Die in Oregon

[Rentals ranging from $3.99 - $6.99, $29.99/year, $19.99/6 months, $4.99/month for Doc Club subscription]