At this point, if you're a major retailer surviving the shopping paradigm shift, you have a horse in the streaming race (e.g. Best Buy has "Cinema Now," Walmart wove VUDU into its online store). So of course Oprah's superchain of choice has its own rental service. TargetTicket separates itself from competitors with surprising diversity and a strong emphasis on kid-friendly entertainment. Like VUDU, TargetTicket focuses on renting and buying movies that can be streamed instantly or downloaded to a device for distraction during that 11-hour car ride the young ones can't wait to go on. There's TV too, with season and per-episode options akin to iTunes. TargetTicket aims to keep Target customers satisfied on all fronts, with sales and promos constantly shaving dollars off the competitive prices. Remember: there's nothing wrong with becoming a one-stop shopper.

Unique Selections: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The Jungle Book, Mad Men, Anchorman 2

[Rentals ranging from $2.99 - $4.99, Purchases from $10.99 - $17.99]