Unplugging in the Redwoods
Credit: Scott Sporleder

Set in a 1950s Boy Scout camp amid 80 acres of Bay Area redwoods, Camp Grounded in Navarro is a device-free return to adolescence for techies, cubicle grunts, and anyone who's overdosed on email and texting. The rules: no cell phones, laptops, tablets, even watches; and no talk of work, your age, or your real name (nicknames only). "You literally don't know anything about anybody at first," says Robert Macauley, an L.A.-based tech entrepreneur who went by Megaman last year. "You get to find out about people in a really personal way." Campers stay in bunkhouses that sleep eight, and spend afternoons having fun the way we did before cable: color wars, capture the flag, talent shows. In the mess hall, they pick conversation starters from a jar (funniest movie you've seen, first kiss). "We're always being defined by 140 characters or Facebook avatars," says camp co-founder Levi Felix. "This is a chance to redefine who you are."

Cost: From $485 for four days.
Bring: Just like summer camp when you were a kid, you'll need your own sleeping bag and pillow, and good shoes for hiking.