The Classic: Napa Valley/ Sonoma
Credit: Roberto Gerometta / Getty Images

Why Go: Do you even have to ask? Napa Valley has been the go-to destination for wine-lovers since the Judgement of Paris in 1976, when it surprised the world by besting France in both the chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon categories. Since then, Napa has flourished as America’s own "wine country." More recently, its sister Sonoma Valley has been competing for attention and tourist dollars. Luckily, the two are close enough in location that you can take in both with some time and clever planning.

Top Wine: Napa is known for its Cabernet Sauvignon, and you can find a good bottle at almost any winery you pop into, but their Cabernet Francs have been making a well-deserved comeback — try Sonoma Valley’s 2009 Highway 12 Reserve Cabernet Franc.

Don’t Miss: If you want to visit the winery that bested France, visit Chateau Montelena. But if you want a true winning chardonnay, check out Grgich Hills, founded by Mike Grgich, the winemaker who shocked the world with his winning chardonnay in 1976. Chateau Montelena still makes a damn good chardonnay; Grgich Hills makes a better one.