The Old School: Santorini, Greece
Credit: Vasily Mulyukin / Getty Images

Why Go: Aside from the fact that the Greek economy could use your tourist dollars, Santorini and the Aegean Islands in general have been in the wine business for centuries, but have recently been resurfacing as a destination for serious oenophiles. Head to Santorini in August for the traditional grape harvest; don’t forget to hike the rim of Santorini’s volcanic caldera while you’re there; the ash from the volcano is what gives the soil the fertile quality that produces Santorini’s delightfully different wines.

Top Wine: Assyrtiko is the most popular island varietal, a perfectly acidic white that offers a crisp, clean pairing for Santorini’s delicious seafood.

Don’t Miss: Santo Wines offers a great view of the sunset over the caldera, as well as a fantastic wine flight paired with cheese, olives, bread, and an assortment of delicious spreads.