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It's hard to name another country that pairs the exoticism of minarets, souks and romantic riads with desert adventures and a wild coastline. Rooms across Morocco can be had for under $20 per night. Spend $100 and you'll find yourself in the middle of Marrakech's buzzing medina at the luxurious and stylish Riad Al-Bushra, before departing the urban sprawl for wilder places. Four day excursions with Merzouga Dunes Trips, led by an affable desert-born boy, Ahmed Boguni, take you from Marrakech to Erg Chebbi dune for a night of camping in the Sahara before continuing to Ahmed's tiny village of Al Khamlia to learn about Gnaoua culture and music. If surf is more your scene, head southwest of Marrakech to Sidi Ifni, where basic bed and breakfast packages in a simple hotel just steps from the surf are $20 per night.

First-class train travel in Morocco costs far less than you'd pay for second-class travel in Europe and it's easy to connect between Morocco's major cities, too.