How to brew tea
Credit: Rebecca Grabill / Getty Images

From the way you store it to the temperature of the water you use, proper handling and preparation will help you get the biggest punch of nutrients and flavor out of your tea.

Store it right.
Remove leaves from package and put them in a tightly sealed opaque container to keep light or any nearby spices from affecting the flavor.

Not too hot.
Ideal water temp for brewing descends gradually from black tea leaves (boiling) to white (steaming). Hotter water can ruin more delicate teas.

Control the caffeine.
The first brew is the most caffeinated, so toss it and resteep for less of a jolt. Asian drinkers reuse their tea leaves up to four times a day.

Drink it fresh.
Down your iced tea within 24 hours, before it loses most of its mojo. Long-term storage diminishes its antioxidants and flavor.