Nikon D800


By now, you may have heard that megapixels don't guarantee image clarity. What good is a million extra pixels if each one is blurry and dim? But the Nikon D800 puts its 36.3 megapixels – more than any other DSLR – to good use, with a 51-point autofocus system and a massive sensor rivaling the ones found in hulking medium-format cameras. It's capable of razor-sharp prints that could cover an entire wall. The D800's intuitive controls include buttons on the left-hand side for ISO sensitivity, white balance, bracketing, and quality. A dedicated video-record button on the right makes quick shooting possible (we wish the button were bigger, though). Unlike the D800's very similar competitor, the Canon 5D Mark III, the D800 has a pop-up flash mounted on the body for impromptu night shots. [$3,000 body only, lenses start at $135;]