Dana Gleason III: Kletterwerks

As the son of a legendary backpack designer Dana Gleason II, "Dana III" watched his father develop a highly successful technical backpack company – Dana Design – then sell it to K2 in 1998 and retire as a ski bum, unsuccessfully (within a few months, Dana II was making backpacks again, under the name Mystery Ranch.) Shortly afterwards, he roped Dana III into the family business, designing specialized military packs built to comfortably carry heavy, odd shaped gear. Their most recent project, Kletterwerks, also involves backpacks, exploring vintage designs and building stripped-down minimalist packs for both trail and city. The Gleasons aren't looking to get away from backpacks any time soon. "I guess we could sell the brands and go off to a beach and drink mai tais, but we'd probably just end up making packs there. We do this for fun," says Dana III.