Hal Stephens: Princeton Tec

Hal Stephens grew up in Bordentown New Jersey with his father William's passion for scuba diving at the center of family life. When William's employer, the now-defunct electronics manufacturer RCA, wanted to move him in 1975 to Indianapolis – not a diving hotbed – he stayed put and started the company his son Hal now runs. Originally, William sold dive timers, then attained success with a space-age underwater dive light made from Lexan. The business now specializes in lighting, and makes over 50 technical lamps in five categories – biking, outdoors, tactical, industrial, and yes, scuba – all in the U.S. And why hasn't Hal cashed out on the family business's success? "It's not about money," Stephens says. "It's just part of me. I wouldn't feel comfortable about letting go of Princeton Tec, ever."