Kletterwerks Flip

The Flip is the first pack the legendary Dana Gleason II designed, in 1975. His son Dana III wore it during high school in the 1990s "as an act of rebellion," he says, at the more technical military packs his father was producing at the time. As the early 2010s boom in retro camp gear came to life, Dana III, then (and now) a backpack designer, finally had a reason to revisit one of his old favorites. "It was really my dad's first attempt at building a pack from scratch, and it was great, for sure," says Dana III. "But we've learned a lot since then." For the reissue that would revive the Kletterwerks brand, Dana III added more comfortable shoulder padding and a laptop sleeve and improved its construction methods while retaining the original geometry. The result is a sturdy, minimalist pack that feels like its lifespan should easily reach into decades rather than years.
[$229; kletterwerks.com]