Petra Hilleberg: Hilleberg the Tentmaker

When Sweden-born Petra Hilleberg was ten, she told her father Bo that she'd sell his father's tents in the United States one day, and he laughed. But less than a week after graduating from Seattle University in 2000, that's exactly what she was doing, as she launched a U.S. center of operations out of a tiny storage unit in Redmond, Washington. Now a multimillion dollar business, Petra runs all operations outside of Europe for Hilleberg the Tentmaker, and is in daily contact with her mother and father at headquarters back in Stockholm. Meanwhile, the family's tents frequently are taken on some of the world's most hardcore expeditions, like those to the North and South Pole. "We're all still involved because we still have a lot of passion for what we're creating," Hilleberg says. "My parents always say 'The business is here for us, we're not here for the business,'" and I think that's why we still love it."