English Pint Glass (also known as the Nonic or Imperial Pint Glass)
Credit: Getty Images

The classic English pint glass offers a practicality and geometry similar to the Shaker glass with a few extra advantages for the drinker and publican (aka pub owner) alike. Publicans like them because they're relatively rugged and easily stackable ("no nicks"). Drinkers like their understated good looks and the subtle bulge which is a bit too low to do the head or aroma any favors, but is just right for improving the grip.

What it's best for: All your classic English and Irish beers like bitters, brown ales, porters, and stouts will be right at home in these glasses. Keep in mind that many of American craft beers share an English lineage so feel free to use them for American Pale Ales, IPAs, Amber Ales, Brown Ales, and the like as well.