Roasted or raw?
Credit: Tara Fisher / Getty Images

Roasted nuts usually have more antioxidants than regular nuts, but opt for dry-roasted nuts over oil-roasted to avoid unhealthy fats found in oils like soy and corn. Since most packaged nuts have excessive amounts of sodium – an ounce of mixed nuts from a jar or tin can hit you with 8 percent of your recommended daily sodium intake – look for unsalted or lightly salted varieties. You can find both in most bulk bins, but be sure to smell and sample your selection before buying: Nuts have a tendency to turn rancid quickly if bin turnover is infrequent. 

How to roast: Most nuts will become more flavorful and crunchier when roasted or toasted. To roast them, simply put the nuts on a sheet pan and put the pan in the oven (almost never above 300 degrees) for a few minutes, or toast them in a skillet, stirring often.