Duvel Golden Ale

When humanity is on the brink of apocalypse and our only hope of cultural preservation is a Noah's Ark-like space capsule, we recommend including a bottle of Duvel to instruct alien races on the strange beverage we called beer. Duvel isn't the best golden ale in the world – it's too conservative and well-mannered to achieve the highest levels of greatness – but it's hard to argue that it isn't perfect. Brewed for four generations by Belgium's Moortgat family, it's an 8.5% ABV beer that combines Pilsner malt and Bohemian hops into a clear, clean, refreshing, and subtly flavorful golden ale. Because Duvel is basically a first principle of beer, it's hard to describe – everything else should be described in relation to Duvel – but we'll make a go at it. Many Belgian ales have a yeasty aftertaste, while Duvel has little aftertaste at all. Many golden ales (see Victory's Golden Monkey Ale) are heavily spiced, while Duvel is confident enough in its taste to eschew spices. It knows what it wants to be. And it is exactly that.