Grooming products
Credit: David Lewis Taylor / Getty Images

Lotion, shampoo, and shaving cream can all contain any number of toxic chemicals. But phthalates are among the most common, and alarming. "Phthalates are especially concerning for men, because they've been linked to low sperm count, malformed sperm, and thyroid irregularities," Sharp says. The problem is phthalates typically aren't listed as an ingredient on grooming products, and so they sneak in under the radar, usually as a component of synthetic fragrances. If your favorite aftershave lists fragrance on the back of the bottle, err on the side of caution and ditch it; go instead with an unscented option or one that uses natural scents.

Antibacterial products, including deodorant, hand soap, and toothpaste, can also contain triclosan (or its chemical cousin, triclocarbon), a synthetic antimicrobial that wreaks havoc on the endocrine system and has been tied to low testosterone levels, according to Sass. More manufacturers are moving away from triclosan – Proctor & Gamble promised to remove it from all products by 2014 – since this toxin sticks around in the body for a long time.