Pinstripe suit
Pinstripe suit (sold as three-piece), $4,995, and French-cuff dress shirt, $450, both by Ralph Lauren Purple Label; satin tie by Ralph Lauren Black Label, $155; linen pocket square by Polo Ralph Lauren, $50.
Credit: Photograph by Jeff Ridel

Stockbrokers' pinstripes were once famously cartoonish – padded shoulders and generous cuts teetering dangerously close to David Byrne excess. By contrast, this updated version from Ralph Lauren Purple Label comes in lightweight wool and has a softer, more low-key shoulder. Since your suit is already sporting stripes, try pairing it with patterned ties. Dots look good right now.

Pinstripe suit (sold as a three-piece), $4,995; French-cuff dress shirt, $450; satin tie, $155, all by Ralph Lauren Purple Label. Linen pocket square by Polo Ralph Lauren, $50