Audi R8 v10

Though his day-to-day ride is a Range Rover, the free-spirited Lochte does love his sports cars – specifically the Audi R8 v10 he bought in 2011, which he once drove up to 175 miles per hour. "I wanted to see what it felt like to go that fast," he says. "When I slowed down after going 175, I thought I was going 70 mph or 50 mph, but I was going 130, and it was so smooth." Other than that, Lochte says he doesn't speed. Though he has his eye on a Lamborghini, Lochte's sole sports car is still the R8. "Not a lot of people have an Audi R8," he explains, when asked why he went for the Audi. "I think it's unique and looks like a Lamborghini and Ferrari and Aston all together." [$146,000;]